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WATCH: 10 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat at Home

September 24, 2017

#1: The Burpee
This exercise hits all the major muscle groups and makes your heart pump blood faster. It will help you burn more belly fat than a lot of hours of cardio. Also, you can modify it to any fitness level.


#2: The Pull Up
This immensely potent exercise can tone your back to an impressive level. Yet, it may be difficult at the beginning, so you can practice a little with some simpler alternatives before you finally succeed in it.

#3: The Squat
The squat it a simple movement which will help you form your butt and legs. Bodyweight squats can be quite difficult and demanding, and for an added intensity, try dumb bells or a barbell.

#4: The Push Up
This exercise will help you strengthen your triceps, get sculpted shoulders, and tone the upper chest. Also, it will meaningfully tone your core.


#5: The Reverse Lunge
Lunges are designed to tighten your butt and tone the hamstrings. Yet, if you notice pain in the knees, you can replace them with the glute bridge.

#6: The Spider Crawl
This will improve the mobility of your hips and tone your core muscles.

#7: The Skater
Moving in a lateral plane is of great aid in building stability of the knees and ankles. For even more calories burnt, you can try jolting to the joints and minimum jumping.


#8: The Plank
This is an immensely effective exercise which activates the entire core, including the transverse abdominous, which can diminish and relieve back pain. Try to be able to hold the plank position for a minute.

#9: Jumping Rope
Skipping is an outstanding substitute for running, and it will help you burn a ton of calories, and tone the arms and legs. Also, you can try doing a ‘phantom’ skip where you toss the rope to the side and pretend to jump rope by going through the motions.


#10: The Get Up
This triceps move will activate the core muscles to an immensely high extent, so you can finally succeed in having a flat, toned and fat-free belly.

These top 10 body weight and resistance moves will help you finally get the body you have always wanted! All you need are 15 minutes and this effective fat burning, strength building workout program!]]>


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