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This Is Why You Must Eat Banana Every Day

June 5, 2017

Many times when you hear the phrase “the benefits of food” immediately comes to your mind vegetables, however there are times we run with luck and find foods like bananas that aside from being super beneficial, it has an incredible taste, eating it is no sacrifice. The banana can help you with various factors and diseases in your health,such as:   banana

  • Depression:The banana has a component known as tryptophan, which when it enters the body is transformed into serotonin, the better known as the happiness hormone, so relieves depression in an instant
  • Premenstrual Syndrome:Eating banana helps control hormone levels when you are in the days leading up to your period. Anemia: The most common anemia is iron deficiency anemia, which as its name says it is iron deficiency in the body, and banana is an excellent source of iron, so it is a very good way to combat it.
  • Blood pressure:Potassium from the banana will help regulate sodium levels in your body, so you can control high blood pressure problems or even hypertension problems with one to two bananas a week.
  • It improves the nervous system:Because it is extremely rich in glucose and fiber, so when eating one of these super-foods, you will have energy throughout the day and you will provide the optimal amount of glucose or sugar that your Neurons need to work
  • Ulcers:There are ulcers of all types, however, stomach ulcers are effectively cured by eating banana, since the texture of this food allows a coating to form on the stomach walls, creating a protective layer against acids, however if you abuse the banana This is going to play against you since there will be more glucose than fiber and you will end up with greater acidity of the stomach.
Banana is one the fruits that contains more sugar or carbohydrates. People with diabetes should keep it in mind and it is important to consult your nutritionist if they consume it and in what amount. After reading this please do not go overboard eating banana, remember that everything in excess is bad. The banana, however beneficial it may be, has high levels of potassium and can alter certain metabolic and nervous functions if you do not consume it in moderation.]]>


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